Clare Distribution Services was established in 1997 by Mark Clare with the aim of providing a top class, unrivaled haulage service. Through hard work and sheer dedication, the CDS team, now comprising of 68 employees, have achieved this goal and our customer base continues to grow year on year.

We specialise in the distribution of temperature controlled products delivering chilled, frozen and ambient products as well as a small percentage of pharmaceutical goods. We pride ourselves on building long standing relationships with all of our customers as well as providing an efficient and reliable service.

Over the years our fleet has grown considerably and now consists of vans, rigids, artics and fridge trailers. Affiliated with the Freight Transport Association of Ireland, we are now recognised as the leading temperature-controlled distributor in Ireland. We have taken our service to the next level by moving to dual temperature across the entire fleet. We don’t aspire to be the biggest out there but we do want to be the best at whatever size we are.

We have grown through very tough times and we believe that growth is due to the stellar service we provide. We ensure our customer’s needs are consistently met with precision. We have made a massive investment in the fleet in 2014 underlining the company’s commitment to providing customers with a stellar service at all times. This is all part of the CDS commitment of guaranteeing uptime - something which is particularly essential in the refrigerated distribution sector and an area in which CDS excels.

With a reliable, pristine fleet that is never off the road and our ability to meet and exceed each customers requirements, we are unequalled by any of our rivals. We take great pride in what we do and we set targets week in and week out on how to get even better. It’s a process of continuous improvement. We are continually striving to become more efficient and more effective and looking at ways of adding more value to our customers because the marketplace is moving and we will continue to improve ourselves to keep up with it.


Clare Distribution Services are committed to comply with applicable environmental legal and other requirements that apply to its activities.

Vigilant efforts by all our drivers and staff has reduced our idling by 60% which helps us reduce our Carbon Footprint even further. Our policy is 'To respect the natural environment for present and future generations, taking into account the environmental, social and economic principles of sustainable development.’

As a transport business we recognise that our carbon footprint is high, due to the nature of our work and we aspire to counteract this as much as possible in other areas of our business.